2015 OL Jenkins getting major offers

Thousands of high school football players from across the country took part in the Rivals Camp Series Presented by Under Armour. Many of those players have seen their recruitment take off. Sterling Jenkins is one of those players that burst on to the scene at the Pittsburgh RCS and has picked up multiple BCS offers since.
"Since the camp I've picked up eight offers from Toledo, West Virginia, Penn State, Temple, Pittsburgh, Michigan, Virginia and Ohio State," said the 6-foot-8, 296-pound Jenkins. "Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Penn State are the most recent ones. Ohio State was on Tuesday, Pittsburgh was last week and Penn State was the week before that.
"They've been saying that they like my work ethic because they've seen me working out," he said. "They like the way I move and say I have good technique. I think Michigan said that I was the best offer they've given out so far. I guess I'm giving out good vibes to these coaches.

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"I've talk to a coach from Pittsburgh a few times on the phone, same with a few coaches from West Virginia," Jenkins said. "They'll talk with me about things other then football."
Plenty of other big time football programs have gone through Pittsburgh (Pa.) Baldwin to get a look at Jenkins.
"Alabama, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Virginia Tech and LSU have all come by the school," he said. "It thought Alabama had offered but I guess they didn't. They said I'll have one pretty soon."
Everything has been happening so fast for Jenkins over the past few week and it doesn't sound like it has really sunk in yet.
"It's really exciting," exclaimed Jenkins. "My coach always told me that I'll be able to pick my school but I don't want to be arrogant about it. It's not something I want to think about as something that I'll get. I want to use it as motivation, something that I need to work for. I didn't really think that I was up to par yet with some of the teams that are interested in me but I guess I was."
Jenkins said he doesn't have any visits planned yet but he will be watching Ohio State, Alabama, Penn State and Pittsburgh during the upcoming season.