2015 LA back claims first offer

2015 running back Orlando Bradford out of Shreveport (La.) Calvary Academy claims his first offer. The 5-foot-9, 195-pounder landed the scholarship early in the fall.
"It was about the beginning of September," he said. "I got an offer from Tennessee. It was just exciting.
"I like the coach there. The running back coach is pretty cool. I haven't been out to visit them yet though."
Bradford hasn't scheduled a visit to Tennessee either.
He has taken trips to a couple other schools though in LSU and Alabama.
"I liked the LSU one a lot," he said. "I just liked the environment, the way the coaches interact. I liked it a lot."
Currently Tennessee and LSU stick out to the tailback.
"I just like the way their coaches engage with you," he said. "They check in on me a lot and stack in touch."
Bradford is eyeing one more visit this fall to LSU this weekend for the Texas A&M game.
On the season, Bradford has been playing well.
"I've been doing really good," he said. "We're in the playoffs and we got a bye this past weekend.
"I've been showing I can catch and run hard. I'm pretty fast too."
Bradford placed third in the state in the 100 meter last year in track, but noted he isn't looking to pursue track in college.