2015 ATH to visit rival Big Ten schools

Kamonte Carter sports one of best offer sheets in the Mid-Atlantic for a 2015 player. The athlete from Gaithersburg (Md.) already has more than ten offers and many of them came when he was only a freshman.
"My freshman year I was at a Maryland camp and they told my coach they were going to offer me as an athlete," said the 6-foot-4, 230-pound Carter. "The same year I went to an East Carolina camp and they said afterwards that they had offered me. I also got an offer at a West Virginia camp. Most of the other offers came in during this past track and basketball season."
Other schools that have offered Carter include Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers and others.

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"They are all great programs. I grew up hearing about those schools," he said. "I hear about all these things but I try to keep my eyes on the prize.
"I like East Carolina, N.C. State, Temple, Michigan, Maryland and Penn State," Carter said. "Coach Johnson from Penn State is a great recruiter. I heard that before I talked with him and I learned it first hand.
"I've also talked to Virginia Tech, Boston College, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Miami and Georgia Tech," he said. "Georgia Tech said they were going to offer me once they saw me in person."
While Carter isn't particularly well traveled when it comes to visits, he is making a serious effort to learn more about schools that aren't exactly close to home.
"I haven't visited many schools," said Carter. "I've been to East Carolina and Maryland. I'm planning on going up to Michigan and Michigan State. We're taking a little vacation out there this coming week. We're leaving on Saturday and coming back on Thursday. I'll take more visits after the season."
Listed as an athlete, Carter has the skills set to play multiple positions and, judging by his comments, he doesn't seem to know where he likes playing better.
"My goal is to not leave the field because I always want to be in a position to help my team win but it's not my decision at the end of the day," he said. "I'm trying to be the starting quarterback and keep my spot on defense but the coaches will move me around to where they want me. Honestly, I love defense and my entire family was raised on defense but I always grew hoping to be a NFL quarterback.
"I'm not going to decide which school I'm going to just based on what position they want me for," Carter said. "There are a lot of other factors that will come into play. I need to weigh out everything."
Carter's father played college football at East Carolina.