2014 WR sitting on one offer

One offer is in for Washington (D.C.) Friendship Collegiate Academy
2014 wide receiver Chigozie Onyekwere. The 5-foot-11, 188-pounder has held the scholarship for a while, but plenty of other colleges are starting to move in on the rising junior.
"I have an offer from NC State," he said. "I got it my freshman year.
I've gotten a lot of interest from other schools, but I don't know until after this season. I'll probably get 12 or so more."
The Wolfpack stepped up early for Onyekwere and he isn't taking that lightly.
"I always tell my coach, no matter where my recruitment goes, NC State will be in my top five," he stated. "Even if hopefully I get more offers, they were the first to offer me. They had a close connection to someone close to me, A.J. Hendy who de-committed for Maryland. Coach Willis has been on me since my freshman year and he said he was crazy not to offer me."
Onyekwere shared his thoughts on the Wolfpack.
"I've been down there, but I'm not really familiar with the area and NC State itself," he said. "One of my best friends is down there, Marchez Coates and the atmosphere and value of football around there, they love NC State. The people love football around here, but down south you can't beat it. There's a certain connection between Coach Willis and I, with the way he talks to me and how I can make a difference at NC State."
Besides his NC State offer, the D.C. prospect is getting heavy interest from the likes of South Carolina, Maryland, Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia Tech.
One of those schools would be very high on Onyekwere's list if an offer came his way.
"I like Florida, that's pretty much my dream school," he said. "It's one of those schools you idolize as a kid. I will be attending Florida's Friday Night Lights and Ohio State's as well."
In terms of other visits, Onyekwere went to Tennessee and Pittsburgh recently.
With a couple visits under his belt and more coming in the next few weeks to Ohio State and Florida, what is he looking for?
"What I'm looking for is a place I can play," he said. "If I'm going to redshirt, I want a good relationship with the coaches. I want a good atmosphere where they love football. I want to find a place that's not cold. I don't like cold places at all. I've always idolized a passing game like Oklahoma State, that is my top concern, how a school runs their offense."
Onyekwere had a relatively quiet sophomore season, despite the offer in hand.
"I did pretty well," he said. "I wasn't really the man. It was my first year at Friendship and I was learning the playbook and going through that learning process."
As he continues to try and improve his game, Onyekwere discussed what he brings to the table.
"I think what sticks out about me is my overall demeanor about the game," he said. "Also it's my speed, I'm the fastest person on my team that isn't Jonathan Haden, and that gives me a good edge. My overall instincts about the game are good from what my coaches say and when I have the ball, people expect me to score."