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2014 QB Chance Stewart not satisfied

Class of 2014 quarterback Chance Stewart has been a starter since his freshman season at Sturgis (Mich.) High. The 6-6, 205-pound passer did not feel he progressed to the level he wanted between his first two varsity seasons, however, so this off-season he is going through the paces to ensure he takes his game to the next level next fall.
Part of Stewart's off-season development plan includes working with the Maximum Exposure 7-on-7 team, where he throws alongside four-star Shane Morris and three-star Nate Bossory.
"Working with Shane, he is ranked as the third best QB in the nation, so you're going against the best of the best," Stewart said. "Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and watch him go through the 7-on-7 stuff and see how he approaches it because he is one of the best and that's the type of guy you want to follow. I've learned some great things off watching him."
As a sophomore, Stewart completed 54 percent of his passes for 1,361 yards and 16 touchdowns against seven interceptions. This off-season, as in past off-seasons, Stewart is also juggling responsibilities with his high school basketball and baseball teams. He was all-conference on the hard court this winter, and pitches and plays third base on the diamond in the spring.
But Stewart is aiming for football to be his primary sport in college, and so his off-season also involves heavy work on the gridiron.
"It's going to be a great help for this upcoming season," Stewart said. "Last year's off-season I didn't really do much because I went from basketball to baseball and never really focused on football through any of that. It showed because my sophomore season wasn't as good as my freshman season."
Despite the responsibilities with football training as well as basketball and baseball seasons, Stewart has been able to get out and visit several colleges in recent months.
"I went up to Michigan State's junior day," Stewart reported. "It was a really good time and I met all the coaches. I had met them all before, but it was a good time and Coach [Mark] Staten, my recruiter, is a real nice guy and I sat down with Coach [Dave] Warner for a majority of the day."
Stewart plans to return to East Lansing this summer and bring his Sturgis High team with him for the Spartan's 7-on-7 camp, on the request of Warner, Michigan State's quarterbacks' coach.
"I will throw in front of him and [Mark] Dantonio because they kind of wanted to see me throw in-person and see how I handle my offense," Stewart said.
Stewart has also visited Bowling Green and will attend a junior day at Eastern Michigan this weekend. But at this time, he lists the strongest interest from Michigan State, Michigan and Wisconsin.
"Those would be the three that would be the most [interested], but Mississippi State has sent me a lot of letters, and they are not just questionnaires anymore, they've been sending a lot of personal stuff too," Stewart said.
"Wisconsin really wants me to get up there this summer and see me throw in front of him. My recruiter just left and went to another school, so they've got a new recruiter for this area. I just met him over Facebook. He sent me a message and sent me all the info."
Stewart attended Michigan's camp last summer where he first worked out alongside Morris, who was already committed to the Wolverines at that time.
"They probably showed the least interest out of all three of them, but I am still going to go to their camp," Stewart said. "With Shane committed there it doesn't really make that big of a difference because so many things can happen there. I'm still going to go to their camp, still keep working hard and see what happens there."
Still in his sophomore year of high school, Stewart has plenty of time to generate scholarship offers and decide which school he will continue his career at in college.