2014 NC lineman pulls his first offer

Offer No. 1 came in recently for a 2014 defensive tackle in the state of North Carolina. The scholarship stunned the 6-foot-2, 295-pounder.
"I got my first offer just over a week ago from East Carolina," Winston-Salem (N.C.) Parkland sophomore defensive tackle Deshaywn Middleton said. "It's a dream come true. It feels good to have my first offer going into my junior year. It let me know somebody is looking and I just want to continue to work hard and hopefully pick up more. It's nothing but a blessing."
Middleton was completely taken back by the offer.

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"They came by during my lunch and talked to my coach," he said. "They mentioned I'd look good in the 3-4 defense and how I'm perfect for this position and I should take a visit up there. Right before they left, they asked if I had any offers and I said no. They told me you got your first today. I was excited and had to celebrate. I went to workout and asked my coach, 'Did they really just offer me?'"
So, what does Middleton think of the Pirates?
"I like it, my former teammate Chris Hairston goes there," he said. "I've seen how they have treated him and he's gotten playing time. It let's me know it's a good environment and it's something to look towards. I'm looking closely at East Carolina, but I've got other schools that have visited too."
Middleton has received looks from Wake Forest, North Carolina, NC State, Virginia, Auburn, Ohio, Florida and Duke.
The lineman confirmed plans to visit a number of schools for camps this summer that list includes Wake Forest, Florida State, NC State, Duke, Virginia and possibly Maryland.
With visits coming in the not too distant future, Middleton will get a better idea of what he's looking for in a school. What does he want though?
"I'm looking basically at the leadership, but also I'm looking at how that school is to their players," he said. "I'm just going to see how the fans are and if it's a good atmosphere where I know I'll be in good hands. I like the excitement in that type of school and I'm looking at how far away from home it is. I'd like to be close to my mom, sister and dad."