2014 LB is healthy and focused

An injury ended the season a bit prematurely for linebacker Cameron Queiro, but the Oradell (N.J.) Bergen Catholic junior is now back in the weight room and preparing for a busy off-season.
"I missed the last four games," said Queiro, who is 6-foot-0 and 200 pounds. "I suffered a concussion/seizure, but now I'm feeling fine. I'm just lifting and training for next season. I was doing pretty good this season, until it sadly ended. I was dying to play every week."
Before his injury, Queiro noticed a marked improvement in his game compared to his sophomore season.

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"I got off a lot of blocks a lot faster, which was good, and I also gained speed which helped chase down some outside plays," said Queiro, who saw time at both outside linebacker and strong safety this season.
When it comes to recruiting, Queiro already has offers from Northwestern, Pittsburgh and Vanderbilt, and he believes that both N.C. State and Rutgers may be next in line to join this list.
Now that his season is complete, Queiro will look to take a few visits.
"I don't have any plans yet, but this off-season I will definitely get multiple visits in," he said. "I'd like to visit Northwestern and Vanderbilt, Pitt I have visited but I'd love to go again, Rutgers I will visit again, Syracuse and Missouri."
Aside from taking visits, Queiro has a few other plans for this off-season.
"Just to get stronger, faster than as many outside linebackers and strong safeties in my class, improve my grades and find a top five college list," said Queiro.
Since he is already thinking about trimming his list during the off-season, Queiro was asked if he had a timeline for a final decision.
"I actually have no idea," he said. "When I feel comfortable enough with one school that much over the others I will make the decision. It could be early, it could be late."
When it does come time to make a final decision, Queiro does have a few ideas of what he will be looking for.
"Great academics where I can come out with a great degree, competitive football and coaches that will shape me to be a better person and push me as hard as needed," he said.