2014 LB drawing more interest

College interest is only going to grow for Hartford (Conn.) A.I. Prince Tech 2014 linebacker Roekwan Holmes. The 6-foot-2, 215-pounder has started to get looks, but his coach believes offers are only inevitable.
"He's a very impressive player," A.I. Prince Tech coach Robert Rubin said. "He's still learning the position. Playing linebacker is a new position for him since he played defensive end and wide receiver
last year."

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So far it seems as though Holmes is a quick learner.
"In our first two games he has progressed nicely," said Coach Rubin. "He's very smart and knows how to read a play. He's instinctual and makes plays outside the tackles. He brings great pressure when he is called on to blitz too."
Coach Rubin discussed Holmes' strengths at this point.
"He's a strong player. He lifts over 400-pounds in the weight room and has good speed and long range."
On top of that, Holmes is an honor student.
"Grades wise he is good there," said Coach Rubin.
To date, Holmes has not received his first offer.
"He hasn't received any offers that I'm aware of yet," he said. "I know he will get some by the end of this year, but I haven't heard of any yet. The way he's playing so far, he's definitely going to have a couple."
Due to the fact that Coacvh Rubin only arrived just prior to the season, Holmes is still relatively an unknown.
"I got this job so late, I haven't discussed what's going on with him and talked with colleges," he said. "He is a good kid and a very good athlete. He's coachable, listens and has great leadership ability."
To this point, the majority of Holmes' recruiting interest is coming from Boston College, Connecticut and Syracuse.