2014 DT with one offer

2014 defensive lineman Kevin Wilkins enjoyed his sophomore season at national power Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep, but has recently decided to take his talents to Montvale (N.J.) St. Joseph's for his junior season. This transfer has not slowed down recruiting, as a number of schools are showing early interest, including one that has already offered.
"I have a lot going on family-wise and Bosco is a great school, but it's just not for me right now where I am in my life," said Wilkins, who is 6-foot-3 and 278-pounds. "I think moving to St. Joseph's won't put a lot of stress on me."
As mentioned, recruiting is already off to a fast start for Wilkins.

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"I'm only a sophomore so I didn't think I was going to get talked to at all, but I have been," said Wilkins. "It's good. I got offered by Boston College and everyone else is even. I'm also hearing from Rutgers, UConn, Michigan, and I talked to the Miami recruiter like twice this year. He really liked me and asked me to go to the camp."
With Boston College being his first offer, Wilkins shared his thoughts on the program.
"It's a beautiful campus right next to the city," said Wilkins. "I have family that lives right outside of Boston, and they're known for having very good linemen and amazing linebackers. It's a school that can challenge me academically and athletically."
Wilkins, who is receiving interest as both a defensive tackle and an offensive guard, has yet to attend a summer camp and does not plan to do so this year.
"Football is starting up again and I have to be 100% focused for the season," said Wilkins. "I have to stay in the gym and keep working. I might go to some after my junior year."
As he prepares for his first season at St. Joseph's, Wilkins has been busy improving his game.
"Everything needs improvement," said Wilkins. "I have to grow and mature. I want to get bigger, faster, stronger, everything, but mostly I want to mature as a young man and a football player."
While it is early in his recruiting process, Wilkins has a few ideas of what he hopes to find in a college program and school.
"I'm looking for a school that is like a family, has a good supporting group academically and athletically and that's going to challenge me," said Wilkins, who grew up following the Michigan Wolverines.