2014 DB Kelly with 14 offers

Sophomore safety Todd Kelly of Knoxville (Tenn.) Webb School never dreamed of getting an offer from any one school in particular growing up.
"All I dreamed of was playing Division-I football," Kelly told Rivals.com.
It's safe to say, the odds of that happening are in his favor.

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On Tuesday night, Virginia became the latest to offer the 6-feet, 180-pound standout. For those keeping score at home, that gives Kelly 14 offers.
"It's crazy," he said. "My dad was always telling me he knew what type of player I was. He said the offers would start up soon, but I didn't believe him. I just kept working my butt off. The next thing I knew, my coach told me colleges were interested. When I got my first offer, that was my dream offer."
Besdies Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Southern California, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech also have offered.
Right now, Kelly has "no favorites."
Thus far, he has visited Alabama, Auburn, Clemson and Tennessee. His sister is a student at Alabama.
"I enjoyed all of them," Kelly said. "All of them treat me like I'm a 2013 player. I was real surprised I got to talk to the head coaches. They think highly of me. I'm going to have to show them what I can do."
Kelly's father played linebacker for the Vols two decades ago, but Kelly said he is receiving no family pressure to pick Tennessee.
"My dad tells me, 'You know what, I'm going to let you make your decision. I'm not going to have any input. I'll only give you help when you need it,'" Kelly said. "He's leaving it up to me."
What's next for Kelly?
"I've been invited to a ton of spring games," Kelly said. "Even colleges that haven't offered me yet have invited me. I know for sure I'm going to the Alabama spring game. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to the Tennessee spring game. I don't know all the places I'm going this summer, but I know I'm going to Clemson camp."
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