2014 DB has a few dream schools

Washington (D.C.) Friendship Collegiate Academy 2014 safety DaeJuan Funderburk pulled in a pair of scholarship offers to start the summer. Now he is hoping to earn more during his upcoming junior season.
"I've got offers from Georgia Tech and Tennessee," said Funderburk, who is 6-foot-1 and 180-pounds. "I got them around the same time about May. Maryland is also considering offering. I haven't talked to them since a 7-on-7 tournament, but they liked how I had good ball skills."
Regarding Georgia Tech and Tennessee, Funderburk gave his take.

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"I was surprised at getting the offers," he said. "I just transferred in January and to have things change so quick for me was a big accomplishment. I've done a little research on both schools about the academics. My parents are really hard on academics. They said we would visit Tennessee, but I'm not sure when yet."
Because of the recent transfer last spring, Funderburk didn't camp this summer at colleges.
However, other programs including Iowa, Florida State, Miami and Colorado are keeping a close eye on Funderburk.
Besides all of these schools, there are a few others that he hopes will take notice of his abilities.
"Well, I have aspirations of playing for Oregon, but I doubt they'll recruit this far East," he said. "I love Florida State a lot too and really any school in Florida."
He explained why these are intriguing destinations for him.
"I like Oregon because they have never really had an impact defensive player," said Funderburk. "I think I could be the first one on the team coming all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast. That would be a big change. For the Florida schools, I just like the weather down there and their football is nice. Everybody down there balls and I could be a baller there."
The rising junior posted 76 tackles, three interceptions, 452-yards rushing and six touchdowns, as he was team MVP for Northwood High School in Silver Spring, Md.
"I did well, I had some good numbers," he said. "I think I feel my defense sticks out. I'm explosive on defense and have a knack for the ball. I think I'm a good ball hawk and a hard hitter."