2014 DB Allen talks pair of offers

Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise 2014 safety Marcus Allen landed his first two offers earlier this summer. The 6-foot-2, 188-pounder is quite interested in both schools as he has ties to both.
"I had to perform at camps and basically got offered at the camps I went to," he said. "I've got two offers from Pittsburgh and Maryland.
"I like both of the schools because they are the ones that offered me. They are the only offers so far. I've really got a love for them though. They stick out because they are both hometowns for a lot of my family. One side is my father and one side is my mother, both are equal."

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Aside from those two camps, Allen made trips to West Virginia, Penn State and Towson.
In addition, he's receiving interest from other schools including UCLA.
Is Allen planning any trips this fall?
"I plan to go to games especially at Pittsburgh, Maryland and West Virginia," he said. "I haven't planned them yet."
Allen has just started to look at schools further and gave his take on what he wants.
"I'm looking for a really good education from a school and somewhere that really loves me and wants me to be part of their family."
The rising junior and Wise open the season on Saturday against Franklin.
"I've just been working on my craft," he said. "I've seen a big improvement in my play. I can read the quarterback better than I did last year. I've gotten more experience at the position and I'm wiser."