2014 ATH staying busy

Omar Truitt, Devin Williams and William Ulmer are the three headliners of a potentially special 2014 class at Washington (D.C.) St. John's College High. Truitt has already had a busy summer and looks to continue that hectic schedule in the coming months.
Truitt first gave an update on his offer situation.
"I got the Syracuse offer I think in December," said the 5-foot-11, 175-pound athlete. "I walked into my coach's office and he told me I got an offer from Syracuse. A week later the Richmond coach came in and was watching game film with my coach and he told me he knew I was going to go to a D1 school and that if I needed a place to fall back on I could call Richmond."

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The 2014 athlete has already gathered facts about both schools.
"I went to Richmond for a 7-on-7 tournament," said Truitt. "I think it's a beautiful campus and they have a great FCS program. Syracuse has a wonderful tradition with their running backs and the coaches have experience in the NFL. Some day I hope to make it to the NFL."
An ACC school may be the next one to offer Truitt.
"The school that is recruiting me the hardest is probably Boston College," explained Truitt. "I'm going to visit BC in a few weeks. I like coach Washington, he's a great recruiter. He just got there recently and is doing an awesome job with me and is really trying to change the program. Hopefully I'm going to get an offer from them soon.
Truitt is also intrigued by a top Big Ten program.
"I'm talking to Penn State and a lot of other schools," he said. "Last year with Sandusky, a lot of recruits backed off and didn't think it was the best place for them. Now they're stepping it up again and I like the commitment that they have now. I've been talking with Coach Johnson and he wants me to come up to their camp."
Truitt spoke about some of the visits he has already taken and about the rest of his off-season travel plans.
"I was at Auburn and Tennessee the other day and I've been to Vanderbilt before," said Truitt. "I'm going to head up to Penn State soon but I'm going to make a quick visit to Virginia Tech on my way. I'm also going to be at an Alabama camp July 15th."
His visit to Tennessee seems to have made a lasting impression.
"I liked Knoxville and the new athletic facility they're building," he said. "You can tell they're really committed to their football program and they always have been with all the championships they've won and the players they've put in the NFL."