2013 recruit talks to McQueary

It has obviously been a very hectic week for every Penn State recruit. One of the top 2013 in-state targets, tight end Adam Breneman, has paid close attention to everything that is going on in Happy Valley, and had a chance to speak with coach Mike McQueary Tuesday night.
"I talked to coach McQueary and I don't know what the future for the current staff looks like, but it's really early to decide how this will affect me," said Breneman, who is 6-foot-5 and 220-pounds. "I need to see who comes in and what happens with the current staff."
Just as everyone else has been riveted to the computer and television awaiting new information, Breneman has done the same.

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"Yeah it's crazy," he said. "Especially living right here and close to everything. It's almost like everyone's mood has changed and everyone is upset. I read the grand jury report last night and I had a hard time sleeping. It's just a really sad situation right now."
While the week has been chaotic, Breneman never wavered on his plans to attend the game against Nebraska on Saturday.
"It will certainly be interesting," said Breneman. "I'm looking forward to seeing the coaches and hearing what they have to say. It should be a crazy atmosphere. I'm excited."
Before he makes his visit to Penn State, Breneman will lead Cedar Cliff High School in their first round playoff game on Friday night.
"I'm excited about that," said Breneman. "We play Exeter Township. We have a really good team and we can go as far as we want to go."