2013 LB Bryant plans to take some visits

Charlotte (N.C.) Vance 2013 linebacker Larenz Bryant has had a big start to the season. That hasn't resulted in more offers for the 6-foot-1, 203-pounder to date, but plenty of interest is coming.
"We lost our first game, but won our last game on Friday, we're 1-1," he said. "We're working still, trying to get better as a team.
"I had 186-yards rushing and three touchdowns along with a sack and five tackles in the game. It was a good game. I know I've gotten faster, a lot faster than last year, I'm starting to break away."

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On the recruiting front, Bryant noted his two offers still from Illinois and South Carolina.
"I haven't really heard anything from Illinois," he said. "South Carolina recently contacted my coach. They were telling me stuff and I plan to watch them at East Carolina this week on Saturday when they play."
Bryant claims plans to visit a few schools this fall.
"I'm trying to go to Georgia, Virginia and Virginia Tech," he said. "I have no idea on specific games.
"I want to go see the population, the students and how they are, stuff like that. I'm trying to take it all in with my options."