2012 OL has early offer, favorite

Though Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) High only went 4-6 last year and were overshadowed by nearby Dwyer, the class 4A state champions, expectations are a bit higher this year.
One of the reasons for the optimism is offensive tackle Avery Young. The 6-foot-6, 273-pound junior is being counted on to pave the way for the Gators' attack. Though the class of 2012 star is new to the recruiting scene, he made one visit this summer to an in-state program.
"I went to the Florida camp, Friday Night Lights," Young said. "That went pretty smooth; that went pretty well. A few of the coaches on the staff, they said they liked me. They liked my appearance and how I move.

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"I was only able to go to that camp because I had to get ready for another thing. A few of my teammates and I, we went to the FCA camp in Orlando. The whole summer we were just getting ready to go into that and competing against different teams."
Young, who has been verbally offered by Florida State already, says things have not quite picked up in recruiting just yet. However, he expects that change in a few weeks.
"I haven't really talked to anybody too much," he said. "Come Sep. 1, I've heard that that's when everybody will start talking to me. I haven't been getting to many letters lately, at least that I know of. They might be going to my coach."
Though many prospects in the Sunshine State grow up dreaming of playing for Florida, Florida State or Miami, Young says he is actually a fan of a Big 12 program.
"One school I've always liked a lot is the Sooners, the Oklahoma Sooners," he said. "That's one school that I've always just liked. I just like their offensive line. That whole team is built off the line. I've always thought that I could fit into that one day.
"That's the only school I'm interested in that I haven't personally seen out at my school. They may have been there, but I didn't visually see them. I'm hoping to hear a little from them. There are a few other schools I like. One of them is Oregon. It just seems that a lot of the schools on my list are in cold places."
Though he has grown up in the Southeast his entire life, the local schools do not seem to have an inherent early advantage.
"I've lived in both Florida and Georgia," Young said. "I was born in Georgia and I grew up when I was younger there, but I decided to stay in Florida with my grandmother to play and finish high school. I haven't really grown up a fan of any of the in-state schools or anything. I like them all, but I haven't just been a huge fan of any of them or anything. I liked Georgia, but I wasn't a huge fan of them either. They really weren't the team I would follow or anything. I've just always watched schools from other places more."
Young and his teammates have high goals for the season. It kicks off officially on Sep. 3 when they host nearby Palm Beach Lakes.