2012 NC tackle has offers

Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell has two major prospects in 2011 in tight end Drew Owens and running back Justus Pickett. The school literally and perhaps figuratively may have an even bigger recruit to watch in 2012.
"We have a sophomore, 6-foot-7, 270-pounds, an offensive tackle named Nick Davidson," Ardrey Kell head coach Adam Hastings said. "He's got numerous verbal offers so far, four or five. I know South Carolina, Clemson and Maryland have offered. Just about anybody that has come through here has shown a lot of interest.
"He's going to have 40 plus offers."

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Hastings discussed his star sophomore further.
"He's got great hips and has a very bright future," he said. "He runs real well and just turned 16.
"Most of all, it's just his attitude and size. He understands the game and that helps, as he is a coach's son. He does things you don't expect from a player his age."
Meanwhile, both of Hastings star recruits in 2011 continue to hold numerous scholarships. He discussed both Drew Owens and Justus Pickett in more depth as prospects.
"Drew has unbelievable potential," he said. "He's a true 6-foot-5, 230-pounder that runs well and works hard in the weight room. He's finding his route running ability. He has the skill to flex out and decent ball skill too. He's got good footwork as well.
"Off the field, he's a good kid, a great player to coach. I think he's got a bright future cause of his attitude and physical play."
What about Pickett?
"Justus is just a special kid," he said. "He's the strongest player on the team and consistently runs in the 4.4 range. He's an explosive athlete and runs well. He's smooth and aggressive. He can play running back, cornerback and wide receiver.
"He's very good in the classroom and strong academically."