2012 DE to visit Jackets again

While in Atlanta last weekend to take part in a photo shoot with top in-state juniors, Millen (Ga.) Jenkins County defensive end James Deloach stopped by the football facilities at Georgia Tech with teammate Jonathan Taylor, a touted defensive tackle prospect.
"I went in their locker rooms and stuff like that," Deloach said. "Then we went to their offices and talked to [head coach] Paul Johnson while we were up there. We probably talked to him for about two hours. He was asking us what schools we were planning on going to, what our majors were going to be, and academic wise, what we had to do to get into the school there. I liked him. He seems like a really down-to-earth person. He answered any questions we had."
What did the 6-foot-3, 260-pound Deloach think of Georgia Tech?

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"I liked it a lot," he said. "Everybody pretty much knows you up there. They treat you like you're their own child."
For what it's worth, he also thinks highly of Atlanta.
"I like it," Deloach said. "You don't see skyscrapers where I live."
Thus far, Deloach has two offers. One is from the Yellow Jackets; the other came from Tennessee, which was the first to pull the trigger. He also has strong interest from programs such as Alabama, Florida State, Georgia and North Carolina. Asked who might offer next, Deloach predicted it would be the Tide, which he said writes him a lot and talks about how well he'd fit in with that program.
Right now, there is no leader.
"I'm just waiting things out to see what happens," Deloach said. "I'm trying to do more research on what I want to major in. That will help determine where I want to go."
Next up for Deloach is a return trip this weekend to Atlanta, which is only three-and-a-half hours from home, for junior day with the Yellow Jackets.
"I think I'm going to meet the players and look at the campus," Deloach said. "I think they're going to show us a highlight film of their year. I will probably talk to the head coach some more. They didn't send me a list of what we're going to be doing. They just said they want me up there."