2012 Cincinnati twins receive visitors

Class of 2012 twin brothers Derrek Ross and Dustin Ross have received several visitors during the course of the last three weeks at Oak Hills High in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brothers, both 6-5 and 265 pounds, anchored one side of Oak Hills' line this past fall and now are about to embark on the recruiting process together.
Coaches from Wake Forest, Illinois, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Virginia and NC State have all been spotted at Oak Hills since the start of December. The parade of coaches has been an exciting start to the brothers' recruitments.
"I'd have to say it is a little bit overwhelming just seeing all the schools coming in. It's a great experience, though," Dustin Ross said. "We've been working hard since we were freshmen, and it just feels good that we are being recognized and might get a scholarship out of it."
"Since the eighth grade we have been real big on the weight room, but just seeing the coaches come in gives me a little extra energy and makes me want to work even harder," Derrek Ross added.
The brothers are both 4.0 students in the classroom and have already notched 27's on the ACT. Going to a school that offers a strong degree will be important in their evaluation of colleges, as will finding a strong football program. When it comes to playing for the same school, however, a final decision has not been made.
"We actually get that asked a lot, but I don't think it really matters to us," Dustin Ross said. "We might split up, we might stay together… we're not really sure yet. We haven't put a lot of thought into that, but I'm sure we'll do fine either way."
"It's definitely always been great to have a brother next to me through everything I've done, and hopefully everything I will do," Derrek Ross said. "It's just good to have somebody I can count on. We definitely set standards for each other and have each other's back."
The brothers say they are very similar in many ways, but there are small differences. Dustin lined up at tackle for Oak Hills this past fall, while Derrek played guard. Dustin is known as the more outgoing of the two, while Derrek is a little more reserved. The similarities outweigh the differences, however, especially on the football field.
"A lot of our coaches think we have twin telepathy and it comes in handy being right next to each other," Derrek Ross said.
The brothers go into their recruitments wide open to every school showing interest. They have, however, followed particular teams growing up which correlates with the region of the country they hail from.
"Notre Dame has always been big being here on the west side [of Ohio] as are a lot of the Ohio schools like UC and Ohio State," Dustin Ross said. "Our cousin went to Michigan (Andy Christopfel), so that's kind of been in our family."
College coaches will be making in-school visits through the end of January, so there is a likelihood the brothers see representatives from several more schools before the class of 2011 is signed and their 2012 class takes center stage.