2011 TE claims two offers

Two offers are already in for a top 2011 talent in North Carolina. The 6-foot-5, 227-pounder pulled the two scholarships the past two weeks, both from the SEC.
"I got verbal offers from Vanderbilt and South Carolina," Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell tight end Drew Owens said. "I went to Vanderbilt's camp and they told me when I arrived that they'll have the paperwork done on September 1st.
"Then South Carolina told me the same thing a couple weeks later. They said they looked at my film and that I'll have a scholarship."

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What does Owens think about offers already starting to come in?
"It is a great honor," he said. "I think I can get more and I want to show my ability."
Owens talked about his thoughts on both of his offers.
"I've been to both campuses and facilities," he said. "I love South Carolina's facilities. Their stadium is huge and it's only just over an hour away from my house. I love the culture at Vanderbilt and the academic side. They are a close knit and the coaches interact with the players."
Already this summer Owens has visited numerous colleges including North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Clemson as well.
Does Owens like anyone in the early going?
"I grew up a North Carolina fan my whole life," he said. "Their coaches like me and they are going to keep a good eye on me. If they offered I would continue to weigh my options."
As interest begins to pile up, Owens is looking for a few things in his future destination.
"I'm looking for how they progress tight ends to the NFL. That's my dream to be an NFL tight end," he said. "Then, I'm looking at the academic side. An NFL career is not promised and I want to get a good education for a good job. I'll also look at the culture there and how their fans are. I know my parents want me to stay within four or five hours too."
Owens was primarily used as a blocking tight end as a sophomore last season.
"We had the No. 1 running back in the region, but this year my coach is going to open up the offense more to show my skills," he said. "I do think I am a really good blocker. I also have good size and body control."