2011 QB reeling in offers

Quarterback Christian Lemay is just finishing up his sophomore year of high school but already the Matthews (N.C.) Butler standout has a firm plan on what he's looking for in colleges and how to find the right one.
It's no surprise that Lemay, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound pro-style quarterback, is so grounded. His father, Stacy, used to be the Florida football team chaplain and in the last couple years moved the family to the Charlotte area to start a church. He credits his family and coaches on keeping him focused.
"The biggest thing for me is what's going to help me better myself as an individual," Lemay said. "It starts off with God and who's going to help me better myself as a Christian man, so that's the first thing I'm looking for when I go to any college.

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"That's the first thing I'd like to ask the coach. Before football, I'll ask about what kind of academics they have there and how the business (curriculum) is so I'll ask how that program is and how it could help me in the avenue I'd like to go to."
So many schools are already after Lemay, who finished with 1,800 passing yards, 300 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns in his sophomore season. Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest have already verbally offered Lemay while Michigan, Texas, North Carolina and others are showing interest as well.
Some players might get an inflated ego with that kind of attention at such a young age but Lemay stays grounded – his family and his coaches make sure of that.
"My parents and my relationship with God help a lot," Lemay said. "If you're under God's cover you want to be the best you can. Even though you already have all these things, they can be taken away at any moment. My coach and my parents keep me well-grounded. My coach definitely keeps me well-grounded and humble."
The college attention will continue to pick up for Lemay, who said the best situation for him is one where he can be a pocket passer but also use his feet to make things happen. Lemay likes to say he's a pro-style quarterback who can also run a little bit. Finding the right system will be important as his recruitment goes on.
"I know I'm able to run but I'm not a Pat White or a Vince Young, I'm not a runner first," Lemay said. "I'm a passer first but I can make plays with my feet which I want people to understand that just because I label myself as a pocket passer doesn't mean I can't get outside the pocket and make things happen with my feet."
College recruiting will remain in focus for Lemay but his main concern at this point is winning at Butler and he has two more seasons to put up big numbers. He has the time to find the right college – for now he's focused on having a big junior season in high school.
"You really can't think about college until you deal with high school," Lemay said. "My biggest thing right now is dealing with academics and really just getting my teammates rallied up together.
"We just lost the winningest class in Butler history and we're trying to get the next class to do that. When I leave I want everybody to know me as the winningest class ever to come through the school. You can't think of what's to come. You have to deal with the now and now is the upcoming schedule we have."