2011 QB blowing up

Christian Lemay proved at the recent Elite 11 workout in Athens, Ga., that he is one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. That's a scary thought since Lemay, from Matthews (N.C.) Butler, is still in his sophomore year.
"My family and I were just talking about it," Lemay said. "Not many people in the country have the opportunity to do what I've been able to do.
"I've been blessed to go to all these places and meet all these coaches. I'm not taking it for granted. I'm enjoying it and I do realize I'm just a sophomore and I have two more years to grow and get better before I get to the next level."

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Major programs are already pursuing Lemay, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound pro-style quarterback who threw for 1,800 yards with 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions in his sophomore season. He also rushed for 350 yards and three scores but likes to consider himself a drop-back passer first who can also escape the rush.
Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, North Carolina and others are already involved with Lemay, who said he thought he did well in Athens but didn't necessarily have his best day.
"I was really excited to get the call to know I was even nominated from my region and I was happy to go down there and compete," Lemay said. "I was pretty much going out there and doing typical stuff.
"I didn't even really feel like I had my best day that I've had but you never have the day you're looking for as a quarterback. You always have little things you can work on and improve on. I thought I did decently."
The Gators could be a player for Lemay since his father, Stacy, was the football team's chaplain before moving the family to North Carolina to open a church. But Lemay said it's much too early to narrow down his list and a pro-style attack is preferable when looking at schools.
The summer plan is still unscripted, Lemay said, but he definitely plans to attend some camps to work on his fundamentals and techniques. Continuing to develop is important to Lemay, who said that getting big-headed or falling into bad habits will not happen because the talent in his area is far too good.
"In our conference you don't have a chance to do that," Lemay said. "You're playing against top competition so you don't have that opportunity to relax or think you're better than you are or even if you do I have people around me that remind me I have a long way to get better and I'm aware I haven't reached all my potential.
"I know I'm definitely going to go to a couple camps this summer to improve myself as a quarterback, my fundamentals, techniques. I'll pick up some new things."