2010 WR picks up three big SEC offers

Two weeks ago, college coaches became eligible to hand out official scholarship offers for players in the class of 2010. However it just so happens that the last two weeks, one of Louisiana's best 2010 prospects has been out of school, unable to receive any mail due to the storms that have ravaged the Gulf Coast. Thibodaux, La. wide receiver Trovon Reed finally got back to school on Monday and had some good news waiting for him.
"When I was out at school my coach was like 'I have some mail for you and you're going to like it,'" Reed said. "I was wondering what he was talking about and after practice he said he liked the way I practiced and gave me the mail. Georgia sent me an offer and Arkansas and Ole Miss."
The 6-foot-0, 175 pound prospect has been proving himself at camps all summer long, impressing anyone that has laid eyes on him so he was expecting the offers to come. But the magnitude of the first three caught him off guard.

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"I was very excited," he said. "I was telling my teammates that I was expecting a letter from a small college first maybe something like Southeastern or something but when I saw that first Georgia letter it made me very excited."
With limited opportunities to communicate with college coaches due to NCAA restrictions, Reed was a little surprised with the offers, particularly the Georgia letter.
"They were surprises because I think I must've got one letter from Arkansas but I had never had anything from Georgia and I never had anything from Ole Miss," he said. "I like them all. They look like some programs I could deal with."
The pleasant surprises were a nice welcome back to school, but what Reed is really looking forward to is that opening kickoff on his season. Already Thibodaux has had two games cancelled including a high profile matchup with northern Louisiana power West Monroe.
"I'm ready to play. I've got a lot of pressure built up. They cancelled our Jamboree and they cancelled our West Monroe game and our Vanderbilt game. I was kind of happy we didn't play West Monroe because my leg was bothering me and I wasn't 100 percent. I wanted to play them but I wanted to be 100 percent. Now that the storm is over I'm back to 100 percent."
Though the showdown with West Monroe didn't happen, Reed is hopefully that he and his teammates will get another shot.
"Our coach was saying that if the good Lord can make a storm, then he can make a first round playoff matchup with West Monroe too."
If Thibodaux is to reach the playoffs, it will be relying heavily on Reed. Though he projects as a wide receiver prospect in college, he will be playing quarterback out of necessity for his high school. He also will be showing up at cornerback on the defensive side of the ball and move around on offense as well.
"It's been alright," he said of the quarterback move this fall. "I've still got a lot to learn since it's my first year playing cornerback. Coach has also been moving me around all over on offense. I like that."
Reed is ready for the grind. In his time off, the athlete was doing everything he could to stay in shape with limited resources.
"Every night before I would go to sleep, I'd do 75 pushups," he said. "Every day I'd go run around the hotel. I went to the weight room at Prattville High School and did weight training there."