2010 WR has some major offers

Ricardo Miller is one of the top wide receiver prospects for the Class of 2010. The 6-foot-1, 195-pounder plays for Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips High School and is currently sitting on some big scholarship offers, all coming in writing since September 1st.
"The first to offer was Florida," Miller said. "I was shocked to be honest with you. They really surprised me. Florida faxed it to me coach. It said they really wanted me to be a Gator."
Shortly after getting that first written scholarship offer Miller received a few more.

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"I got (written) offers from Stanford, Tennessee, USF and UCF.
"I think Stanford is great. They are highly ranked academically and in sports. They are half way across the world but I still like them.
"Tennessee needs some work and they need players. They got to get that offense right. That's a school I like.
"USF stands pretty high with me and they are doing well. It would be a great opportunity to play there. USF is an elite program that doesn't get the hype.
"UCF is another really good program but it's so close to home. The same with USF. I want to get out of the area, out of state. It's not a knock at Florida. I just want to experience something else."
Despite what he likes in the programs mentioned above one team will prove tough to beat in the end.
"I am expecting Michigan to offer me in about two weeks. They haven't yet because they want to further evaluate me. I don't want them to just hand me one. I have to earn that and I really respect that. It won't be hard to prove to them.
"Michigan is still my leader. I am thinking they are my very strong leader. To be honest that's where I will probably where I am going to go. There's lots of reasons why I will go with them. But that's now and they stand No. 1."
Miller, who carries a 3.8 grade point average, is debating on whether or not to graduate early. This is something he's strongly considering.
"I am really thinking about it. I can go to whatever school early and get a head start and learn the offense, the program and get adjusted to school."
Dr. Phillips lost to Niceville (Fla.) High School last weekend 29-26. In that game he caught three passes for 93 yards and one score. He also rushed for a touchdown. So far this season he has five receptions for 120 yards and five total touchdowns. This weekend they face Sanford (Fla.) Seminole.