2010 QB could be on the verge of offers

2010 prospects can officially start receiving offers on Monday. One quarterback in North Carolina believes he could be receiving a few offers shortly after September 1st.
"A lot has been going on," Raleigh (N.C.) Southeast Raleigh quarterback Gabriel Henderson said. "I've been calling a few schools. I've been talking to NC State a lot. I think I'll be receiving an offer from them. My teammate Kendall Moore already got one and they want both of us.
"North Carolina, Maryland, Duke and Wake Forest are very interested. I think those schools could possibly offer. I've also been in touch with Tennessee."
Does Henderson like anybody?
"I like a few schools right now," he said. "I kind of like Tennessee a lot and I've got to say NC State since I went there two weeks ago with Kendall and Robert Crisp. Robert Crisp actually pulled me aside and said he really likes me and wants to block for me.
"I can say I'm also a big fan of Florida State and then I like North Carolina too. I'm a UNC basketball fan."
One potential factor for Henderson is the possibility of playing with his good friend, Moore.
"Here's the thing, my dad and his dad want to go to games together to see us in college. We have to find the best school that benefits us."
Henderson plans to take a few visits this fall.
"Actually I'm going to either North Carolina or Duke this weekend, probably UNC with Kendall," he said. "I'm going to NC State next weekend and then I'm going to Tennessee for the Florida game.
"I may try to get to Virginia Tech. I'm interested them too. I'm real close with Josh Oglesby there."
Henderson kicked off his season last week throwing for 230-yards and three touchdowns.
"This is our best year to win it all," he said. "We've got a lot of big-time players, we're trying to get our team ready and focused.
"I think I have improved a lot since last year. We changed to a spread offense and that gives me more options. I like this offense better. It lets me use my speed and arm."