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2010 QB breaks down Week One

Philadelphia (Pa.) Northeast junior quarterback Malik Stokes had a busy weekend. On Friday he participated in his first game of the year and on Saturday he made it a point to check out as many college games as he was able to.
The 6-foot, 160 pound quarterback came away impressed with a few schools and had plenty to say about what took place in Week One.
"We had our first game on Friday," Stokes explained. "I think they called it a preseason game, but it was a game. I think I was 17 of 31 for 200 yards and a touchdown.
"On Saturday I watched just about all the games. Alabama really impressed me in their game against Clemson. They played really well. I got a chance to watch Michigan. I couldn't make it there but I saw it. They're still a little rusty but I guess they did pretty well for their first game. They've got some things to work out with their new offense.
"West Virginia did really well, too. I saw the Missouri-Illinois game as well. Juice did his thing. He's gotten a lot better as a passer and Missouri did good too."
Tonight Stokes plans on taking in the Tennessee-UCLA contest. The Vols were the first school to extend an offer to Stokes, and he was able to speak with the Tennessee coaches today while they are out in Los Angeles.
"The only coaches I talked to today were from Tennessee," he said. "They just wanted to see how I was doing and check up on me and my brother. They're about to kick off their game so I'm excited to watch them.
"Everybody's still even but I'm definitely high on Tennessee. I'm anxious to see them play tonight. I've just been watching a lot of games to kind of gauge the offenses and see how I'd fit in."
While Tennessee has been the only school to call Stokes so far today, others have been sending plenty of mail.
"I have been receiving a lot of mail from new schools. I'm getting stuff from schools like Oregon, Michigan, Wake Forest and Boston College. Right now I'm just kind of waiting to see who will be sending stuff out.
"I've been really busy and I know some coaches have been in contact with my coaches, but I'm trying to stay focused. I couldn't tell you all the schools that are looking at me but I know it's a lot."
Malik is the younger brother of Je'Ron Stokes, a four-star wide receiver and member of the Class of 2009 who has committed to Tennessee.