2010 OL picks up first offer

Wednesday, May 28 can be the official date when things kicked off for Little Rock (Ark.) Pulaski Academy offensive guard Parker Mack. The 2010 prospect cannot receive official written offers from college schools until September but Mack's first unofficial offer has arrived.
"Last Wednesday, May 28, my coach received an offer in an email from Boston College," Mack said. "I sent a tape out. I have film online and we sent that link out to a bunch of colleges. It was a pretty big surprise. I hadn't heard anything from them and it was just kind of spur of the moment. I didn't even think it could happen yet," he said. "I didn't know how the process worked."
At 6-foot-4, 305 pounds, Mack is not your average rising junior. His size and athleticism clearly stood out for the New England program to extend an offer. Though he has a long way to go before he begins selecting a college, Mack may still find a way to visit the BC campus.
"I know I'm visiting the Boston area because BC asked me to come up there to see the campus," he said. "I heard recently that they were moving up the ranks but I hadn't heard anything before."
Though he is a resident of the Natural State, don't expect Mack to immediately be a lock for an Arkansas commitment. He was born in the state of Texas but even the Longhorns aren't necessarily his team of choice.
"I was born in Texas and I've moved around so I haven't really grown an attachment to any team in particular," he said.
What Mack is looking for is academics and that shows in the list of schools he names that hold interest to him.
"I'm interested in Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Stanford Boston College, academics is the main thing."
On the field, Mack has several qualities that set him apart other than his big-time size.
"I'm good at run blocking," he said. "I do that pretty well and I'm working on my pass blocking. I have pretty good feet. I think quickly and I know who to block. I like run blocking because you gotta be quick and you gotta know who to block at the same time. It's just challenging."
Just like any good lineman, Mack also knows he has some things he can always improve on. What will be Mack's focus this summer?
"Strength and speed," he said. "I know I want to get stronger and overall speed but just foot quickness and basically everything. I know I need to improve."