2010 DE up to six offers

While the debates over prospect rankings continue for the class of 2009 there is little doubt that Zack McCray is one of Virginia's top rising juniors. The talented defensive end is now up to six offers and there is little doubt that more will be on the way.
The 6-foot-3, 216-pound prospect from Lynchburg (Va.) Brookville recently picked up an offer from Maryland bringing his scholarship total to six.
"Last week or so I was weight lifting and Coach Woody told me to give (Maryland) a call," McCray explained. "They answered and gave me the whole deal. They reviewed my film a lot and had studied me and they just liked what they saw.
"From what I've seen they're a pretty good team and the ACC is a pretty strong conference. They're definitely up there. All of those (schools) are basically at the same level. I couldn't place any one school above the others right now."
McCray also holds offers from Boston College, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and West Virginia. He has also been in touch with the coaches from Tennessee and North Carolina.
"I've been to a few camps but I got hurt at the Virginia Tech camp," he said. "I tore a ligament in my foot so I haven't been able to participate much. I didn't know it was torn so I participated in the Wake Forest camp and hurt it even more.
"Then I went to North Carolina's camp and just watched for a day. I got to know the coaches, then went to West Virginia and just hung out.
Most schools are recruiting McCray as a defensive end, but he has heard different things from different coaches. Wake Forest has told him he can play on whichever side of the ball he prefers, and Virginia -- the first school to offer McCray -- is recruiting him as a tight end.
McCray is not opposed to playing tight end, where he caught 14 passes for 187 yards and three touchdowns as a sophomore, but said the idea was "a little different." He did mention he was impressed with Virginia's history of producing quality players at the position.
While he has a long way to go in the recruiting process, McCray likes the idea of making an early decision.
"I would definitely like to make an early decision," he said. "I couldn't tell you when that will be, though.
"I want to say distance will be the most important thing, but I can't really say that. If I find a school that I think I'll fit in best at distance isn't going to be that big of a thing.
"I just want to find a good game atmosphere and a place that's team-oriented. I don't want there to be one player that sort of runs the team just because of who he is. I want the coaches to care equally for all the players."