2010 DE McCray visits TN

2010 defensive end Zack McCray took an unofficial visit over the weekend. The 6-foot-3, 216-pounder out of Lynchburg (Va.) Brookville made his way to Knoxville for Tennessee's big matchup with Alabama.
"It was really fun," he said. "I enjoyed my time. Tajh Boyd was down there and I hung out with him a bit. I watched the game and enjoyed the environment. It was crazy. It was a rivalry game and the Alabama and Tennessee fans were going back and forth the whole night. It was packed with 102,000 people."
What did McCray think about the game?

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"I liked the whole game," he said. "It was good. I think if Tennessee didn't have as many bad calls against them it would have been better. They had a bunch of penalties.
"I did like their defense. They played pretty good. I like the way they ran it and the scheme of it."
Tennessee still hasn't offered the Commonwealth junior.
"They haven't offered," he said. "I talked to the coaches and they'll get back to my coach later this week. They are still evaluating."
Before leaving, McCray met with a few of the coaches.
"I talked to a few of them after the game," he said. "They took about 10 of us back into the locker room.
"Coach Fulmer is really nice. I didn't get to talk to him that long. He was getting ready to do a press conference. I did enjoy myself."
McCray plans to take another unofficial in the near future.
"I'm headed to Virginia Tech next Thursday for the Maryland game," he said. "I was also invited down to LSU. I might go down for that."