2009 four-star already thinking officials

6-foot-3 320-pound defensive tackle, Chris Davenport out of Mansfield, Louisiana didn't take much time to sulk about a first round loss in the 3A playoffs. The promising 2009 prospect had already moved on to the next sport. It may be hard to imagine a player the size of Davenport running up and down the basketball court but that's exactly how he'll be spending his winter.
"I've just been playing a little basketball," Davenport said. "Actually I start. I average about 10 to 12 points per game and 15 boards. I love it."
With tremendous agility and athleticism for a kid his size, Davenport is more than just a big body in the paint. He is looking at his basketball season as an opportunity to improve his quickness and footwork.
Along with basketball, Davenport has already mapped out a specific plan to get himself ready for the 2008 football season.
"I plan on going down to camp at Alabama and LSU then I'm going to the U.S. Army all-American combine. I'm just waiting on my invitation. I guess they said that I don't really have to go but I want to go anyway."
Though juniors can't take official visits until their senior season, Davenport hasn't let that stop him from making some plans. He may be the first 2009 prospect to decide where he wants to take his first two official visits.
"I think my first official is going to be to Hawaii," he said. "I just want to go out there and see it. I haven't talked to the coaches but my coach said that that they've been calling about highlight film. USC is another school I want to visit. Those are going to be my first two official visits. I'm going to take them all, I'm just going to use them at different times."
The recruitment of Davenport started early and has yet to slow down. Coaches from LSU and Minnesota have been down to Mansfield recently and Alabama's Nick Saban has plans to see Davenport during the Spring.
As a Louisiana native, LSU sits near the top of his early list and Davenport weighed in on the LSU coaching situation and the speculation surrounding Les Miles' plans.
"I feel pretty good about Coach Miles," he said. "I kind of had a few doubts. I was looking at it from the standpoint that Michigan's his home and I could see how he would want to go back to his home. But then he came out and said that him and his wife have a new home now in Baton Rouge."
So is it a good thing that Coach Miles is sticking around?
"Oh yes sir that's a good thing, yes."