2008 RB picks up first three offers

DeSoto, Texas star junior Cyrus Gray didn't have to wait too long for his first scholarship offers to arrive.
The 5-foot-10, 185-pound running back prospect added the first offers to his list from Arizona, Baylor, and Oklahoma State. Gray isn't jumping the gun on naming any favorites or making any big plans just yet.
"I'm just trying to relax on Christmas break and getting rested for the football off-season," Gray said. "The first offer actually came back in October from Arizona. Baylor and OSU were last week.

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"I was excited because those were my first offers and I didn't know who it was going to be. I had a feeling it would come soon, but I didn't know who it would come from."
Gray says that at this time he doesn't have any favorites. He and his mother have talked about waiting for things to move along in the process. Gray is also waiting to see who else offers before naming a top five.
Staying close to home isn't something he's dead set on.
"We've kind of decided it's up to me on that," Gray said. "That will all depend on how the recruiting process goes."
Texas A&M and Oklahoma are also in hot pursuit of the talented DeSoto running back. Gray says that A&M sends an enormous amount of mail.
"A lot of there stuff just says how they want me to be an Aggie and things like that," Gray said. "They just seem really interested. Oklahoma does too."
Gray plans to participate in both off-season football and track this spring.