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2008 athlete already in the spotlight

GALENA PARK, Texas - Aside from the rest of the top players in the junior and senior ranks, there is a super sophomore that could end up being the best player to ever come out of the halls of Galena Park High School according to coach Mike Coker.
Athlete Gahn McGaffie (pronounced "John") is a player who can do it all. The 5-foot-10, 165-pound sophomore prospect is being used at the quarterback position but is being seen at everything from defensive back to wide receiver where he can show off his speed and ability.
"I just go out there and play my game, I don't worry about anything else going on around me," McGaffie said. "On the field, I run and throw well. This is my first year at quarterback so we'll see how that goes. I played defensive back and wide receiver as a freshman."
Starting at the varsity level as a freshman isn't the only thing that points to McGaffie being one of the top prospects in the 2008 recruiting class. Colleges know that once he gets lose on the run, it's pretty tough to track him down.
His versatility is something that can lead a lot of colleges to use him all over the field. McGaffie is fine with that.
"As long as I get a scholarship, I really don't care where I play," McGaffie said. "It's pretty early for me to receive any kind of letters, but I really like OSU and OU. I've watched them for a while. I just like them."
There are many reasons that McGaffie has developed well and starting as a freshman was a big one.
"In my class, I have an advantage by getting used to the speed earlier on in my career," McGaffie said. "It's so much faster than the JV level with the older guys out there. It's helped me work on making my speed to adapt to the older players."
"If I can keep working, I'll keep making big plays."
The goals for the team are pretty obvious, but the young athlete wants to lead them there.
"For the team, our goal is to go undefeated again," McGaffie said. "The biggest thing for me is to be a leader out there and help us get that goal accomplished."