2007 Texas DE looking ahead

Considering his size and athletic ability, 2007 Plano (Texas) West defensive end/offensive tackle prospect Ben Bass shouldn't be too surprised that mail has been flooding into his house for the better part of his junior year.
The 6-foot-5, 265-pound two-way player made his appearance on the Texas high school football scene this past season as a junior. Though he plays offensive line a lot in high school, colleges sending mail like Florida, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Alabama, UCLA, Texas Tech, and others are also interested in his defensive abilities.
Bass just is excited to have the opportunity.
"I felt like for starting as a junior and this being my first year on varsity, I did very well," Bass said. "There were sometimes that I didn't play my best, but the coaches got after me and I finished every game strong."
Name a college and Bass is getting mail from them. However, he's honest about wanting to stay somewhat close to home. That has shaped his top group of schools already.
"I'd like to go to Texas A&M, Texas, Miami, or LSU," Bass said. "I like that they're all known as football powerhouses and it gives me a better chance to make the NFL. Texas and Texas A&M are kind of on top because they're close to home and I'd like to stay either in-state or in Louisiana."
Camps and his summer schedule are completely up in the air.
"I haven't thought about recruiting that much yet really," he said. "I just want to get the off-season over with first. I want to keep improving the things that I can do to help myself get prepared for next season."
"We're trying to make it to the state title. That's the goal right now after going 6-4 this last year."