2007 QB Simms makes name for himself

Growing up in the limelight of his brother, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms, and his father, Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms, Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep quarterback Matt Simms is looking to make a name for himself. It hasn't been too difficult so far as the 6-foot-4, 200-pounder with 4.8-second speed already holds a handful of offers. We talked to his former NFL star father Phil to see how Matt's season and recruiting is going.
"I know he's gotten some offers, let's say he has five written offers from schools on the East Coast right now," he said. "This summer he only attended camp at Boston College and that went really well, but next summer I think he plans to do more of them. I think it's a good experience for him and makes them throw the ball under pressure more."
Rumor has it that Simms holds offers from North Carolina, Rutgers, Indiana, Notre Dame, Michigan, Iowa, Boston College and Louisville, but his father couldn't confirm that for us.

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As for his season, Simms is stepping up for Don Bosco Prep.
"There is no comparison to last year because physically he's much better and stronger. You can see that he's in better command and more relaxed. He handles himself a whole lot better on the field," said Simms. "He's a young kid that keeps progressing. He's got a strong arm and I won't lie, there isn't a throw he can't make. He throws the ball on the run both ways when he has to."
So how does Matt compare to his brother, former Texas Longhorn and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer Chris?
"Chris is 6-foot-5, while Matt is 6-foot-2, but Matthew is probably a more polished thrower just because I've had more of a chance to work with him since I'm not playing anymore," he said. "I mainly do the physical stuff with him and let the coaches do the rest, but he does read the coverage and do the progressions really well."
Recruiting will take a lot of time and the entire Simms family plans to be involved.
"I'm sure Chris and I will definitely be involved in the process and will have a lot to say in it," he said. "Matt still has two years before he goes to college and will continue to physically progress, but I can say he's got a major college arm already. I believe the size will come and he continues to get faster all the time."