2007 CB leads Dallas area team

Even with the departure of top junior Stephen Thomas, there is plenty of talent on the North Mesquite team for coach Steve Bragg to work with next season.
Bragg says that his 2007 class should have plenty of Division I coaches heading to the North Texas high school and that has already begun. Several in-state schools and regional programs have made their way to North Mesquite. It all starts with their cornerback.
"We've got a defensive back named Larry Rosebud," Bragg said. "Larry is going to be a Division I kid for sure. He's got eight career interceptions and started 10 games for us as a sophomore. It's just about how quickly the interest starts for him. He's a two-time all-district kid."
"He's very versatile and next season he'll play safety for us."
Rosebud also starred on special teams. He was the leading punter returner for his district and the second leading kick returner as well.
The next two prospects should also receive their fair share of interest. Offensive lineman Grant Garner has played all across the line, but at 6-foot-3, 260 pounds, he may have found his spot at center.
"He'll line up somewhere," Bragg said. "He's just kind of at the bottom end size-wise. He was an all-district player at tackle, we moved him to center, then he was all-district there. He's a great kid who has a 3.88 GPA and he's just going to get better."
Fitting the role of a pure athlete is the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Aaron Williams who has played everything from wide receiver, linebacker, to running back.
"When colleges come through, he's one guy that they really focus on from watching his film," Bragg said about Williams. "He was a stand-up defensive player at linebacker, but we'll use him more at running back this year. We really want him to be the guy."
"He's really a Stephen Thomas type runner, but also more of a slashing back. He's going to be a really good player for us and at the next level."